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They can have a difficult time zeroing in on personal goals. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. March 15 Birthday Astrology. March 16 Birthday Astrology. March 17 Birthday Astrology.

Andi asks is your Birthday March 15th...

Friends and Lovers People born on this date are sincere about their friendships. The interior of their soul is subtle and delicate, and sensitivity increasing with age.

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What irritates other people, they endure calmly and passively. Both men and women born on this day usually have numerous children and are very attached to them. But they are too tolerant and forgiving to be c onsidered good parents.

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What threatens them. Although they exert much effort and work hard in their life, the results sometimes do not match the effort and expectations. The position the can acquire is not always stable and can put them at risk of turbulence or belated remorse. The flaws of this birthday is attachment to pleasure, well-set table, or drugs. Such a person enjoys the company of the other sex and is usually subjected to their will.

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When they cannot resist their passions and give in to their urges — they can weaken their sensitive organism. It is a stone that will help one set free from any anger that build up through healthy mental and verbal processes. Aiding the growth of intuition and psychic abilities, it will help a person set free from imagination and might challenge as much as it benefits those who wear it. Of all Pisces representatives, those born on the 15th of March have the greatest ability to embrace and value practicality of the gift you choose for their birthday.

Buy something they need in their everyday life, a book to read, or a gadget that will spare some valuable time in their schedule.

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Still, don't give up on the sense of magic and that Piscean glow of beauty. Instead, pick out foggy, starry, or rainbow designs, something that gets them back into childhood or fills their life with intense colors and fairytales. Smart, eloquent and always quick to move, they are active and changeable, easily adaptive to new situations and relationships. Team players with a heightened spirit, they will give hope to those they talk to.

Superficial and talking too quick and too much, they don't stop to listen to their own senses. Losing faith over small matters, they will turn to rational choices too that don't make them happy.

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