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Fear of death. Fear of insanity. All can stop us from growing. Being a victim. All of these put us on a highly self-destructive path. Zealots, religious fanatics and imprisoned within it.

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Psychotic breaks acute and chronic. Mental diseases. Spiritual disease which eventually will affect the mind, emotions and finally, the physical body. One or more of the auric fields is involved, as are one or more of the chakras—shut down, blocked, destroyed or hardened by trauma or past life reactions that have yet to be worked through in this life time. Pay special attention if their face is concave or seem to be like a bowl and does not project outward like most faces. Round faces. At best, they are an easy-going lot fashion-wise—they will wear the same old clothes for ten years.

They are not into style or fashion. Old shoes are worn like old friends. Realistic about life in general not idealistic, but may be somewhat the pessimist. Brutally realistic. Poor self-esteem that is mirrored in some aspects of themselves.

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The loner who is disdained by the clique or classmates at school or college. Job, of the Bible, who suffered endless tragic events: the loss of his crops, the loss of his family, his wife, but still kept his faith in God—and because he did—everything was returned to him in reward. THIS is the bottom line of Hades at work in our life. Shit happens. We get shit on.

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A Hades person will go through endless cycles of destruction and renewal, time after time, in their lives. It is what it is. A fast track, spiritually for ultimate growth. Utilizing an illness as a form of teaching and spiritual renewal and spiritual evolvement. Example: Stephen Hawkins, the brilliant scientist. A base sense of humor.

No puns. No jokes. Just an appreciation of the basics of life and how it impacts us. Uses curse words routinely. Simple things for a simple person. Is not cosmopolitan; has no desire to be.

Every day happenings with people are their bread and butter. They like to work alone. They do not care for crowds, parties or huge organizational things. They like to work with others of like mindedness. They cherish the Earth. THAT is Hades at its finest.

Uranian Astrology

No one takes in the past as much as Hades does. Healers often have a strong Hades in their chart. They have the ability to dig as deeply as Admetos, into their own psyche, to come up with the answers they need in order to transform and transcend. The study of history; taking classes, reading books on it. Soul recovery and extraction—to bring pieces back from prior lifetimes to support the spirit of the person in this lifetime. Amateur archeologist, digging through relics of the past to find their present.

Environmental causes and concerns. Working to improve the environment in some way—from mundane to the science level. Finding help through age-old ceremonies, whether Native American or others. Weaving, the art of and learning how to do it.

Visiting local museum s. Working with metal in some way; sculpting or metallurgy. Working with wood; carving it, giving it shape. Working with clay; fashioning and shaping it. Every 6 months, as a general tune-up. Crested Prickle Poppy —To bring up their Shadow so they can see it in their dream work and begin integrating it. Chaparral —For a deep, deep internal cleansing to keep them free from cancer or other deeply rooted diseases. The listed price includes the program itself, handbook on-screen or in hard copy, if your software was shipped by mail , and free assistance by email with qualified Customer Service.

Click on the desired program for more information:. Thus there is a module for those using Traditional astrology, another for Karmic astrology, another for Uranian astrology, and others for still other schools and techniques. Many, but not all, of these, are available in English. One key feature of the various specialized modules is that they automatically work together if you choose to add other modules together with them. You may start with one and add others according to your needs in order to build a combined set that suits specialist needs and work habits.

A ureas programs are provided with security devices to avoid illegal copies and to afford continued after-sales service. Our programs are sold with a single user license, and are consequently intended for use on a single computer. See this page for more information. Warning : This product is currently out of stock and no longer available.

If you want to use the program on two computers, see the next paragraph. Click here to purchase a second serial number at the same time than your software. Astro-PC Basic version allows you to create and view delineation texts for the following areas:.

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Important note : The delineation files are sold blank. You may either fill them with your own astrological delineations, or purchase those compiled by Aureas primarily in French, but also in other languages in the future. Texts can be edited at your discretion and are sold separately. The program is supplied on a CD-Rom or can be downloaded from our website. This program is protected against illegal copying see the Software security page for more information , and is supplied as a single-user version.

If you want to use it on two computers, see here. This is one of the more interesting improvements of the latest versions. They are also available in the basic version of Astro-PC but with less choices. With this feature, you can display on a chart up to 45 individual points: 22 points are used by the program to show the main elements planets, etc.

Thus you can display on a chart any element between those listed below for example, all the asteroids, a selection of mid-points, etc. Natal chart: -- Screen display -- Display with fixed signs type 1 -- Fixed signs type 2 -- Fixed houses type 1 -- Fixed houses type 2 -- Mandala display -- With Index -- Landscape orientation -- With Asteroids -- Continental European chart General summary of the chart.

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